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Pitbull on Trump, “I Don’t Think He Understood… the Power of Latinos.”


As you all probably know, presidential candidate, Donald Trump, recently did a speech where he called Latinos, specifically Mexicans, ‘rapists’ and ‘drug dealers’.

Now Pitbull is speaking out to Billboard about Trump’s comments.

Pitbull tells Billboard his, “mom used to say the two biggest deseases in the world are greed and ignorance. I think Trump is far from ignorant,” he continued, “but I don’t think he really understood what he was saying and the power of Latinos. [He didn’t understand] how we’re always united, and how we truly respect this country way too much; we respect the liberty it gives us to control our own destiny, and the opportunities it gives us to take our families to other levels. I don’t think he really put all that together.” 

(Click on the above photo is see source.)


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