Pitbull’s Demands for his Colombian Tour. 

Pitbull is starting his Dale Tour in Colombia next month with Yandel, Sensato del Patio and DJ Alex Sensation – and while Pit is in Colombia, he is definitely going to be treated like a star!

La Kalle Entertainment, the organization that is in charge of his stay in Colombia released some details of some of Pitbull’s demands and amenities.

On November 14, Armando will start his Colombia tour. He will fly into the country on a private jet along with 30 friends and members of his staff including The Most Bad Ones, The Agents and even his own chef.

Armando requires two full floors of the hotel reserved for him and his companions. On the two floors, there is an endless-pool, a sun terrace and a beautiful view of the sea. He also requested four identical black SUVs with bilingual drivers available 24 hours for his escort.

Also according to La Kalle Entertainment, Pit’s shows are going to be, “Bright and full of special effects.” The concerts will feature 280 moving lights, 150 led lights, a giant 18 meter wide by nine meter high screen. The shows will also have fireworks on stage and in the air.

Sounds like Armando will have a great time in Colombia!

(Source: El Universal)



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