Worldwide Food and Wine Party at Pitbull’s NYE

As you probably already know, Pitbull’s New Years Revolution will be returning to FOX for the second year in the row!

This year, Pitbull will be turning Pitbull NYE into a two day fiesta for the Norwegian Worldwide Food and Wine Party.

At the party, you will have exclusive access to exquisite food, wine, and spirits from around the world. In addition, ticket holders can enjoy early access to the Amphitheater until 6:30pm, prior to commencement of the televised celebrations and the venue becoming open to the public.

Click here to purchase tickets, prices range from $99–$500 plus fees.

For more information on Pitbull’s New Years Revolution click here!

One thought on “Worldwide Food and Wine Party at Pitbull’s NYE

  1. Love pitbull! But this event was totally disorganized. Those who paid sat with those who didnt so there was no “designated” area. People who didnt pay also stood in front of us so we couldnt see. Very misleading.



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