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Could Pitbull Influence the US Presidential Election?


Pitbull sat down with MTV UK to talk about the the current U.S. Presidential Elections.

He has made it very clear that he will not be voting for Donald Trump, but should we be expecting a Hillary Clinton endorsement from Pitbull? Read below to find out!

“Have I had presidential candidates trying to get into a room and speak to me about what’s going on? Absolutely. Have I sat down with certain candidates? Yes. When did I figure out how influential I was, well I always knew I was influential one way or another – I think they’re just starting to figure it out.

“Since I speak to a culture that is very loyal, generation in, generation out, and it’s a culture that continues to grow… Back in the day there was a movie called Bébé’s Kids which said, ‘we don’t die, we multiply’, and that’s exactly what’s happened. So they know that in no way, shape, or form would I exploit, would I take advantage of, and would I let anybody infiltrate our culture. That’s why they wanna talk. That’s why they know that when we speak to our culture they listen, they move.

“So with that said I’m watching everything play out, and I think you guys pretty much have an idea of who I’m gonna vote for. But just to see, I wanna make sure that when we speak to them and they make a decision on which way they’re gonna move it’s not something that’s bulls**t you know, it’s something real and we really make a change. Like I said, let’s see what happens.”

Politics out of the way, Mr Worldwide is due to drop his tenth studio album Climate Change later this year. That’s correct – tenth. Currently working his new single ‘Greenlight‘ with Flo Rida and LunchMoney Lewis, MTV UK asked him how the new album will cause a climate change in the music business…

“You know, what we try to do is always just try and stay ahead of the game and always take risks, always think out the box, always try new music… a lot of people kind of say ‘no I won’t do that kind of music because it may alter my credibility,’ or ‘it may mess with my credibility’ – when somebody says something like that, they were never credible in the first place.

“So Climate Change is exactly that – a lot of music, a lot of new sounds. You’ll see a couple of the same features ’cause I love working with them – Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias. I got a chance to work with Leona Lewis on this album and I’ve always looked up to her voice and how amazing she sings so a lot of fun things going on.”

That’s not all from Pitbull, check back soon for his extended interview with MTV UK.




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