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Pitbull to Open ‘iLov 305’ Restaurant at Nakash Family’s Ocean Drive Hotel

According to The Real Deal, the Nakash family has teamed up with Pitbull to open a restaurant at one of the family’s Ocean Drive hotels located at 1060 Ocean Drive.

During this week’s Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board meeting, Nakash attorney, Alfredo Gonzalez revealed that an affiliate of Mr. 305 had signed a lease with his clients’ company Nakash Strand LLC.

“It will be a full service restaurant and bar,” said Gonzalez. “This project will be activating the corner of 10th Street and Ocean, which has been very quiet.”

The lobby will feature a cocktail lounge, a seating area, and a daiquiri bar, according to a staff report. The new restaurant is set to be named iLov 305Pitbull will join fellow Cuban-Americans Emilio and Gloria Estefan as the only celebrity restaurant owners on Ocean Drive.

Pitbull and his team will be actively involved,” a spokesperson for iLov 305 confirms. “We are excited to be working with Pitbull and his team on this project.”

The 36-year-old artist and entrepreneur also has opened up a restaurant in the Dominican Republic called 30Sinco and he is an equity-partner of the Miami Grill fast-food franchise.




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