Pitbull Bio

Pitbull a.k.a Armando Christian Perez is…


An Artist: Pitbull’s music has charted number one in countries all around the world. He is a GRAMMY Award-Winning artist who has collaborated with some of the music industry’s biggest names. Starting out as a street-derived Miami rapper, Pitbull has managed to virtually take over the music industry, earning many accolades including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and an inaugural award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.



A Motivational Speaker: Armando started his motivational speaking career in late 2015, when he made his debut at Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within seminar in Palm Beach, FL. In early 2017, he established a name for himself in the motivational speaking business as he continued to speak and appear at expos and conventions around the world. Armando is also slated to embark on a 2019 world speaking tour with Tony Robbins next year.



ActorAn Actor: Armando’s acting career is just beginning to blossom into its early stages, as he continues to guest appear in several animation and action movies including DreamWorks Animation’s, “Epic” and the 2012 action/thriller, “Blood Money”. He has also made appearances on some of TV’s hottest shows such as, “Empire”. Additionally, Armando will voice a lead character in the forthcoming animated film, “UglyDolls” (2019).



ProducerA Producer: Pitbull is both a music producer as well as a TV/movie producer. Pitbull has produced his own music as well as other artists’ music. Pitbull has executive produced TV shows/specials including his own New Year’s Eve special on FOX. He has also executive produced the Focus Feature film, “Puerto Ricans in Paris” (2015/16). Pitbull also produced the musical score for the biopic, “Gotti” (2018) and the movie’s entire soundtrack, along with Jorge Gomez.



HostA Host: Pitbull added ‘host’ to his resume back in 2007 when he hosted his own variety show on Mun2 titled, “La Esquina”. He continued his hosting career when he hosted the American Music Awards in 2013 and 2014, giving the award ceremony its best ratings in nearly a decade. Pitbull continued to host his annual New Year’s Eve special, “Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution,” on FOX for three consecutive years.





An Entrepreneur: Armando is building a business empire as he continues to partner up with world-renown companies such as Playboy, Kodak, and Dr. Pepper, as well as owning his own Vodka brand, Voli 305. He is one of the most aggressive celebrity product and brand endorsers, as his penetration into international markets has always been an asset in negotiations for new deals.




Fashion IconA Fashion Icon: There’s no doubt that Pitbull always looks sharp wherever he goes. Whether it be a concert, award show, or just a local Miami restaurant, Pitbull is always stylish. While Pitbull’s fashion inspiration comes from Miami in the 80’s, he continues to inspire others around the world with his signature suit and sunglasses.




PhilantropistA Philanthropist: Armando is more than dedicated to helping change the lives of millions around the world. Pitbull started his own charity foundation in 2008, The Imaginate Foundation, which helped provide art, business, and social teachings to children of low-income immigrant families. He has since continued to make a difference in children’s lives by opening a series of free charter schools in Miami, Nevada, Atlanta, Tampa, San Antonio, and more cities nationwide named, “SLAM!” standing for Sports, Leadership, Arts, and Management. Due to his philanthropic work, Armando has been inducted into the Miami Children’s Health Foundation’s Hall of Fame, rewarded with the Global Gift Foundation’s Humanitarian Award, and several other awards for his charity works.


4 thoughts on “Pitbull Bio

  1. One of a kind man. You are an inspiration, much love from San Diego ❤💋 Continue to be this great man. Wish one day I will meet you.God Bless You Super Star⭐⭐

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  2. Dear Armando, I’m 43, I have 3 childrens and my housband left me alone…You and your music helps me to stay well as it possible. But now you are only a dream, I wish to meet you, maybe here in Italy in my house near Milan and see with my eyes if you are the sharp man you appear on tv and if is true that you are really a philanthropist. I need to realize a dream, my life has been always very hard. Thanks for your time, Barbara



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