Pitbull in HBO’s The Latin Explosion: A New America

Pitbull was featured in HBO’s latest documentary, The Latin Explosion: A New America, last night. He talked about his struggles and success as well as his advantages and disadvantages of being a Latino in America.

The documentary traces a line through over 60 years of Latin music. The Latin Explosion is a celebration of crossover success, consistently grounded in stories of hardship and struggle.

You can watch the documentary online here.

See screencaps from the doc below!

Pitbull to be Featured in HBO Documentary, “The Latin Explosion: A New America”

Pitbull will appear in The Latin Explosion: A New America, a new HBO Documentary, along with Jennifer Lopez, Romeo Santos, Desi Arnaz, Carlos Santana and more!

The documentary is exploring and celebrating this historical and cultural impact of Latino music and musicians in the U.S. and showing how Latinos have influenced every aspect of American society from culture to politics to the economy. 

The documentary will be focusing on artists and visionaries who exploded onto the U.S. music scene and gone on to become global superstars, such as Pitbull!

The Latin Explosion: A New America will premiere on November 16 on HBO and HBO Latino and simulcast in Latin America and the Carribean.