What Pitbull’s ‘Greenlight’ Means to Him

Pitbull has returned to the American Top 40 with his latest single, “Greenlight” and he’s telling iHeartRadio what the track means to him.

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Pitbull Talks About Collaborations, Partying with Marc Anthony, and Being a Dad on Most Requested Live with Romeo

Pitbull called into iHeartRadio’s Most Requested Live with Romeo this weekend to answer fans’ questions. Listen to the full interview above and check out some of the highlights below!

  • “Since you’re the King of Collabos, who do you have your eye on right now to work with next?”: “It’s funny that they say, ‘the King of Collabos,’ because I just feel like everybody’s doing collabs on records, and everybody kinda like given me that– I would say that label. But I’m just always looking forward to work with anybody to be honest with you. I love new artists, new sounds, and I never have a problem with thinking outside the box– or even opening up Pandora’s Box. So, I’m looking forward to work with anybody that’s willing to work.”
  • “Out of all your celeb friends, who’s the most fun to party with? I heard you got some pretty epic yacht parties.”: “Who’s the most fun to party with? Oh man, umm… I’ll tell you– you know who’s a lot of fun, and we always enjoy when we take the boats out in the bay– I would say is Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony, he knows how to have a good time. And he also likes to be low-key and under-the-radar. I tell you– for me to have a great time– I just love it when people come out and it’s not about the pictures, it’s not about the videos, it’s not about posting. It’s just about enjoying each other. So, people around me, we have a rule: they got to put away their phones and there’s no social-media, and believe it or not, they have the time of their lives.”
  • “How has being a dad changed the way you’re making music?”: “It really hasn’t changed anything to be honest with you. I feel that those are two different things and two different responsibilities. As far as being a dad- it’s amazing, there’s nothing like it. I have six kids, so I have a lot of experience in the dad category. And as far as making music– it never leaks over to my kids as far as them asking, ‘Why would you say this or why would you say that?’ because pretty much what you hear, is what you get.”
    “Have you stepped on a Lego yet, having six kids?”: “Man, I’ve stepped on a lot things to be honest with you.”
  • “How did you land on your famous slogan, ‘Single, Bilingual, and Ready to Mingle’?”: “How did we land on that famous slogan? We’ve been using that since I was like in sixth-grade. So, it worked out later on in life a whole lot. And it’s the truth! So, to all the women out there: I’m single, bilingual and always ready to mingle.”