Pitbull Taught A School Gym Class and Bought One of His Biggest Fans Along


Pitbull teamed up with MTV and Applebee’s for the Ultimate Fan Experience.

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MTV Picks Up Pitbull’s Miami Family Drama, “305”

As reported by PitbullUpdates last year, Pitbull will be adding, ‘producer,’ to his resume as he teams up with Endemol Shine Studios to produce an upcoming Miami-set drama, “305”.

The tv-show, which is named after Miami’s area code, is a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air–esque family drama about a teen named Willy who is pulled from his rundown high-school and sent to live with his uncle, a celebrity chef, and attend the wealthiest private school in Miami. He attempts to acclimate himself to his new surroundings while dealing with relationships, family drama, work, and all the problems that more money bring.

“305,” was originally set to air on FOX, but the network ended up not taking it, which gave MTV the opportunity to pick up the drama.

“The way I look at it is, the deal we do have with FOX and Endemol is New Year’s Eve. As far as, “305,” like a true entrepreneur, things shift. FOX was interested, but didn’t take it, but MTV took it. So it just goes to show you, things happen for a reason,” said Pitbull earlier this week on CNBC’s, “Power Lunch”.

Other names working on, “305,” include script-writer, Sacha Penn, director, Jonathon Levine, and co-producer, David Ortiz.