New Music: Gente de Zona ft. Pitbull & Marc Anthony – La Gozadera (Mr. Worldwide Remix)

Pitbull’s new remix to Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony’s hit, La Gozadera, is out now!

In the remix, Pit adds on to the chorus and then raps his own verse. Pit’s parts in the song  is mostly in English but he throws in some Spanish as well.

Considering the success of the original single, this Spanglish remix is sure to be hit!

Take a listen to “La Gozadera (Mr. Worldwide Remix)” below!

New Music: “No Doubt About It” by Jussie Smollett ft. Pitbull

Empire just released it’s newest single from their Season 2 Soundtrack on iTunes which is Jussie Smollett’s collaboration with Mr. Worldwide titled, “No Doubt About It”.

You can buy the single on iTunes here or watch it on YouTube if you don’t have an Apple device.

In the episode, titled the same as the song, Pitbull will be playing himself and will perform a duet with Empire’s Jamal, who is played by Jussie Smollett.

The second season of the hit show will premiere September 23rd on FOX at 9/8c, and Pit’s episode will air on Wednesday, October 7th.

Watch two previews of the episode below!

See promo pics of Pitbull on Empire below!

Pitbull’s episode on Empire will be amazing, there’s No Doubt About It!

“SummerThing!” by Afrojack ft. Pitbull & Mike Taylor on iTunes now!

“SummerThing!” by Afrojack ft. Pitbull and Mike Taylor made its world premiere last night on Saturday Night Online!

“SummerThing!” is now on iTunes! Buy the single here!

Watch the audio video for the song below!

Also, tweet and post using the hashtag #SummerThing to show support for the song!

“No Puedo Mas” by Pitbull ft. Yandel – Preview.

Pitbull posted a snippet of his new song, “No Puedo Mas” on his Instagram!

The song is featuring Yandel and will be on Pit’s new album, “Dale”, out July 17th!
Pre-Order “Dale” on iTunes here, on Amazon here, and on Google Play here!

Also make sure you visit!

Listen to the preview of, “No Puedo Mas” below! 

“Haciendo Ruido” by Pitbull ft. Ricky Martin – Preview

Pitbull posted a snippet of his new song, “Haciendo Ruido” on his Instagram today!

The song is featuring Ricky Martin and will be on Pit’s new album, “Dale”, out July 17th!

Pre-Order “Dale” on iTunes here, and on Amazon, here!

Listen to the preview of, “Haciendo Ruido” below!