Pitbull Breaks Ground for SLAM! Nevada


Pitbull showed his philanthropic side as he attended the ground-breaking ceremony for his new charter school, SLAM! Nevada, today in Henderson!

Armando has already opened a charter school in Little Havana, Miami called, SLAM!, and he is currently building SLAM! Jr. in Little Havana as well. In 2013, he got cleared to open up six more charter schools in Florida too.

SLAM! Nevada will open in August 2016 and so far it is expected to have over 700 kids enrolled. Visit the free-charter school’s official website here!

During the ground-breaking ceremony for SLAM! Nevada today, he spoke in front of the crowd which consisted of Henderson’s Mayor, a Henderson Public Charter Authority, SLAM! Foundation president and the future students of SLAM! Nevada! After he made his speech, he took the time to talk to and shake each-and-every student’s hand!

Watch this Periscope broadcast of Armando’s speech here!

Read what Pit had to say at the ground-breaking ceremony here!

Take a look at some photos and videos of Pit at the ground breaking ceremony below!



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