Pitbull Guest-Stars on Empire

Last night Pitbull guest starred on FOX’s hit series, Empire on their latest episode, Fires of Heaven

In case you missed it, here’s a run-through of what happened:

Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) threw a huge party… for himself. During the party, he has Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) and Pitbull perform their hit, No Doubt About It. During Pit and Jamal’s amazing performance, all the lights turn off and Cookie (Taraji P Henson) walks on stage and welcomes everyone to her “Welcome to the World” party. She then has Hakeem Lyon (Yazz the Greatest) perform his song with Timbaland. Hakeem’s performance was so great that it catches the eye of Pitbull. He then talks to Cookie very quickly about his own New Year’s Eve show down in Miami… maybe a hint that the Empire cast will perform at Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution?

In an exclusive scene of Fires of Heaven that aired during FOX‘s show Rosewood, Pitbull sat down with Lucious to talk about partnership. Lucious brought up the idea of a streaming service an Pit was immediately in! And once again Pit brought up his New Year’s Eve show on FOX, asking if he could get an “Empire stage” on Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution.

You can now watch and buy the amazing episode! Watch it here and buy it on iTunes here.

Watch the exclusive clip that didn’t air in the episode below!


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