Pitbull’s 35th Birthday Project

It may seem early, but Pitbull’s birthday (January 15) is only three months away!

PitbullUpdates is creating a fan-project for his big day, and I would love for you all to participate!

Read below for more information on the project and how you can participate in it!


To have fans from all over the world show how much we love and support Armando. We want this video to focus on Armando’s worldwide fans, so we want all participants to speak in their native language and to include where they’re from in their videos/photos. 


1. Send in a video of you saying, “Happy Birthday Armando from (your city/country)!” in your native language. (e.i. Feliz Cumpleaños Armando desde Mexico!)

2. Send in a photo of you holding up a sign that says, “Happy Birthday Armando from (your city/country)!” in your native language.

3. Send in a photo of fanart that you drew/created.


1. If you send in a video of yourself saying a birthday message in your native language, please include an English translation of what you’re saying in the email.

2. If you send in a photo of you holding a sign with your birthday message on it in your native language, also make sure to include an English translation of what it says in the email.

3. If you send in fan-art, make sure to include where you’re from (your city/country) in the email.

4. You must email your videos/photos to pitbullupdates.com@gmail.com by January 1st, 2016.

5. There is no guarantee that Armando will see this video, but if we all participate and try our best to have him notice it, maybe (hopefully) he will!

If you have an questions, please email me or comment below!

One thought on “Pitbull’s 35th Birthday Project

  1. Hey Pitbull and Happy Birthday to your special party and I hope you have a good time soo I’m a big fan of yours and I just wanna to say that I love your songs you’re a good rapper and a good performance in New Year’s Revolution on TV and I wish I rap like you so god bless you and tell your partner Ne-yo I say ‘hi’ and have a good day love you.

    Love your fan,
    Raevyn Chisolm

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