New Video: Pitbull Reveals how he Stays Fit!

The newest episode of Pitbull’s web-series, #FunFacts is all about how Armando stays fit! He revealed his strict diet and workout routine!

His personal trainer, Rafeal Pino, travels with Pit on the road so he can train, even while he’s on tour!

Despite Armando’s tight schedule, everyday he does five sets of:

  • 30-40 push-ups
  • 30-40 sit-ups
  • 30-40 lunges
  • 30-40 pull-ups

During his workouts, they blast 90’s hip-hop to get hyped!

A big part of staying fit, Armando says, is his diet. He eats 5-6 small meals a day mostly consisting of fruit, nuts, vegetables, lean protein and a lot of avacado. He says he eats very little dairy and carbs. 

To find out more of Pit’s secrets on staying fit, watch #FunFacts: How Pitbull Stays Fit above!

You can follow Armando’s trainer, Rafeal, on Instagram at @anotherlevelfit!


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