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David Rousseau Talks About Making a Movie with Pitbull and About Filming Free.k

David Rousseau, Pitbull’s music video director, recently did an interview with Terra where he talked about the possibility of making a movie with Pit and about filming the music video for Free.k!
“I’d love to shoot a movie with Pitbull, we’ve had discussions about creating a story for a feature film. He has had a couple of experiences with acting, but I would love to be able to create a script for him, to be able to go to the movies. He also wants it, and little by little we are reaching that point for him to be the star of a film, and that’s something different. He won’t quit the role of Pitbull, the singer. He just wants to grow as an artist.” Said Rousseau about one day directing a movie for Armando, and that one day could be very soon, maybe even next year!

“It’s a dream of Pitbull’s, and we’re thinking about that for next year. It would be a new role, because people have to understand that he needs to grow and change.”

Although the idea is already on the table, David explains that it will take a lot of work, energy and time. “You have to write the perfect script, there must be a team to search for the money. […] We have to find four or five months for which the actor films the movie. We have a few stories, but we have to choose which is best for me and him.” 

Rousseau said that they want to stay away from film clichés, where they portray Latinos as criminals or drug addicts.

Just recently, David filmed and directed the first part of Armando’s upcoming music video for Free.k, which was filmed on a yacht. “The concept is that in the boat, there are Pitbull’s dancers and each one has a dream with a guy; Pitbull is the captain and is passing through different rooms, it’s like a dream. It’s like a James Bond movie with Victoria Secret models.” The second part of the video will be filmed on Dec. 16 in Miami.

(Source: Informador.MX)






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