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Pitbull Reveals how to host the Perfect Party.

In a newly released video, Pitbull reveales to Shazam, how he throws the perfect party.

“The key ingredient to the perfect party is no phones! You gotta get rid of that, that means whatever happened never happened!” Says Pit. 

Armando also revealed that you won’t catch any celebrities on the guest-lists of his parties, “The first people I’d call up to invite to my party? Hmm… it’s definitely nobody that you guys would know!” Pit laughs, “I can’t invite guys that are in the industry or women that are in the industry because I might end up getting them in trouble.”

Pit also said that the ultimate party would be in Havana and in Malecón, Cuba, “That is not only the ultimate party, but the ultimate dream and it will happen, so when it does everybody’s invited. Enjoy yourselves!”

Watch the video above to find out how you too can party like Pitbull!


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