Celebrity Chef, Nelson Espinoza, Dishes on Pitbull’s Favorite Food

In the February 2016 issue of TVyNovelas magazine, El Chef de las Estrellas, Nelson Espinoza, dished on what Pitbull loves to eat!

Espinoza revealed that Armando’s absolute favorite food is Seafood, especially shrimp, sushi and ceviche. Nelson also said that Pit is fascinated by Peruvian dishes such as tiradito.

“For Pitbull you can’t forget ceviche, shrimp cocktails and fish – he also loves sushi. He loves Peruvian tiradito, he’s fascinated by Peruvian food. He’s a crazy eater, he goes into the kitchen and plays around with the chefs,” said Nelson Espinoza.

Check out the page insert below:



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