New Audio: Pitbull Talks Turn-On’s, Turn-Offs, and new Music with Enrique Iglesias

In a recent interview Pitbull did at Rodeo Houston, he revealed his biggest turn-on’s and turn-offs, how he relaxes and, ‘escapes,’ his upcoming single with Enrique Iglesias, and more!

Interview Highlights:

  • On Performing: “For one, I’m up there doing what I love. So its like, I really don’t feel like I’m running out of energy.
  • On Women: “To me, the most attractive quality is when there’s a certain mystique to a woman. I was raised by women, I was raised by a single mother that gave me that intuition that women have.”
  • On his Biggest Turn-Offs: “If a woman doesn’t keep up with herself, it shows you they might not keep up with other things.”
  • On the Bahamas: “If you catch me in the Bahamas, when there’s nobody around, I’ll be out there in a pair of underwear jumping in the water. You’ll catch me getting loose out there. What I love about places like that; its like the Twilight Zone.”
  • On his Upcoming Enrique Iglesias Collaboration: “We have a new song with Enrique, we’re looking at probably an early April release. It’s called, “Messing Around”. I gotta say thank you to Enrique Iglesias as always. He always shows so much love. More than anything, Enrique isn’t only a great business-partner, a great-person to learn from, but he’s also a stand-up human being.”

To see what else Pit had to say, listen to the full interview above!

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