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Pitbull Talks Messing Around, Climate Change, and President Obama on KTU

Pitbull called into 103.5 KTU this morning from Miami to discuss upcoming projects including his new single with Enrique Iglesias, “Messing Around,” his new album, “Climate Change,” and his forthcoming KTUphoria performance. Pit also took the time to thank President Obama for giving him a shout-out during his speech in Cuba.

Interview Highlights:

  • On his ‘day trip’ to New York: “I just have meetings, I’m in and out of New York today. I’m going up there to talk about an apparel line, and actually the whole marketing behind Voli Vodka today. So, going to the Big Apple to knock some things out the park.”
  • On KTUphoria: “Its always an amazing show, and always a great crowd that comes out that has been showing love for many years so, I’m definitely looking forward to it.”
  • On Enrique Iglesias: “We got a new single that’s coming out now which is called, ‘Messing Around,’ and that’ll be hitting the airwaves in about, I would say, a week or so, so look out for that one and maybe we can even jump onstage [at KTUphoria] and that’ll be the first performance that we do together of this record.
  • On Climate Change: “Actually the album comes out right before KTUphoria. June 3rd, ‘Climate Change,’ will be in stores, so the first performance after the album will be in Jones Beach so get ready!”
  • On The Most Bad Ones: “They’re great girls, very professional, and to be honest with you, I have so much respect for them and the band also, The Agents, because they’re really the ones that put in all the hard work. I just come in, and they make me look good.”
  • On President Obama’s Shout-Out: “That was crazy. That right there just shows you hard work pays off and also to be a part of a speech that is so historical between the relationship between the United States of America and Cuba is just, I mean, a tremendous honor. Also to see the Cuban flag and the American flag behind him while he was saying that, to me, was just– the irony behind it, and the iconic moment that it is, and that it will be, and to be a part of it; what an honor.”

To see what else Pit had to say, listen to the full audio interview above!


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