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Pitbull at Cavendish Global Education Impact Summit in Boca Grande, FL

Pitbull was a featured guest-speaker this morning at Cavendish Global’s Education Impact Summit in Boca Grande, FL.

He spoke alongside author, attorney, and national education reformer, Kevin P. Chavous, and Academica’s president and founding board member of the Florida Consortium of Charter Schools, Fernando Zulueta.

Pit spoke about his charter school, SLAM!, and how he’s, “making education cool again”.

Check out photos from the summit below!


One thought on “Pitbull at Cavendish Global Education Impact Summit in Boca Grande, FL Leave a comment

  1. Hey Pit. My daughter has a pic with you. Her stepdad is Richard from gove isle. I believe you guys came up with the drink “Show Stopper”. Any how not important in this situation. My daughter went through a bully/jealousy situation not to long ago. Amazingly the girls involved resolved thing on there own. My issue is I went to the coach for help. She passed it to administration. Nothing was done. Oh and by the way. On Saturday at nova university there was no support from the school accep parents and Miss Rodriguez. What can we do to make your amazing school be number one in all aspects. Grades, sports but also great esteem, dedication and unity? I am a fan. You hugged and gave me courage when I met you through Richard. I admire you and so does my family, classmates and close friends. Help us to help SLAM our preferred school for our kids



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