Did Pitbull Just Reveal he’ll be a Judge on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars?

Could Mr. Worldwide become Mr. Dancing with the Stars? That’s the question everyone’s asking ever since Pitbull hinted at joining the judges’ table on the Season 22 finale last night.

Pitbull wowed the crowd with his debut performance of, “Messin’ Around,” last night — and afterward, host Erin Andrews put him in the hot seat, asking if he’d join the show as a judge next season! So could this be a thing, or was Andrews just teasing something to get fans hyped for the fall season? Watch what Pit had to say below.


“As far as judging, I’m always judging,” said Pitbull, “I’m looking at the show all around the world wherever I’m at, and I’m giving you my opinion… so you never know!”

Andrews, not taking no for an answer, replied, “So we’ll see you next season, sitting next to Carrie Ann”.

Although, Pit didn’t seem to want to commit to anything while onstage, his comments and her question were enough to get fans buzzing about the potential new judge. But will Pitbull be a permanent judge on the hit ABC show, or just a guest judge? That’s still up in air, but he would definitely be a great judge, as he proved back in 2014 when he took the role of a guest-judge for a night.

We don’t know if Pitbull knew that Erin Andrews would ask him that question, or if it was just a spur-of-the-moment type of thing, but Pit didn’t seem to have a clear answer. Hopefully, Pit was just playing coy and he will be joining the judges’ table… but I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!




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