WATCH: Pitbull Hangs Out With Shoboy In The Morning! (Full Interview)


Pitbull hung out with 92.3 AMP Radio’s Shoboy in the Morning show on Friday, June 3rd to do an interview and meet and greet.

Pit said that the interview was “one of the funnest he’s done in a long time”. Check out the highlights below!

  • On Enrique Iglesias: “Enrique’s one of the most stand-up guys that I’ve met in the industry. Not only as an artist is he an amazing person who has been in the game for so many years, but as a business-partner and as a friend, he’s taught me a lot in the game. I have a great relationship where I hit him with some crazy– if anybody were to find our texts one day, they’d be going, ‘Oh, these guys are crazy!’. […] Actually, we’re looking to do a lot with the next year coming up. You know, he might be having a little tour [with Enrique] coming together again.”
  • On What Makes a Woman Stand-out to Him: “For me, a sophisticated woman that knows how to play her position, to me is very sexy. [A woman] who just knows how to make her man stronger, and knows when to pull him to the side, or knows when to have that conversation. […] Especially in my world, it’s a very interesting business and in we all know it’s a pool of blood with a bunch of sharks, to be honest with you. And when you have somebody next to you that can tell you, or at least give you some kind of guidance and be your third eye. That’s a turn on for me.”
  • On Who He Would Call for an Epic House Party: “Aw man, I gotta call Uncle Luke and Lil’ Jon. Because if Luke is involved, then we know that no social media can be involved, that’s for sure.”
  • On Who He Would Choose to be his Vice President: “You know what, I’ll go with Lil’ Jon. Me and Lil’ Jon have always had like a Bat Man and Robin kind of relationship. I’ll always be Robin, because he’s someone that I owe a lot of my career to. He is a great guy and he continues to be one of the most humblest of guys that I’ve dealt with in the business. But it would be in between Lil’ Jon and Marc Anthony to be honest with you. Yeah, Marc Anthony would be a great Vice President.”
  • On why he’s a ‘Bad Man’: “A ‘Bad Man’ is a like a great great man! You know, one thing women always look for is to be provided for, to be protected for, and loved. And loved doesn’t only mean, ‘Oh, I love you,’ no. ‘I love you’ means that I love everything about you. […] They [women] work so hard just to look a certain way, presentable to the world, and to be a ‘bad man’ is to understand that. To be a great man is– you wouldn’t want somebody on your line that, when you go into the neighborhood, you wouldn’t feel safe around. You wouldn’t want someone on your line that, when you go into a business meeting, can’t cut the right deal, or maybe even have the intuition to say, ‘Maybe, let’s not even do this deal. It’s not good for us, our future, or our family’. In order to have that kind of intuition, you need to be a bad man, you need to be a wolf.”

Make sure to listen the full interview below!

And watch it below!

See photos and videos of Pit at the 92.3 AMP Radio StubHub Stage at the Adorama Theater here.


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