The Bad Man Tour: Pitbull Performs in Mountain View, CA

Pitbull took The Bad Man Tour to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA last night for show #3 of the tour.

Pitbull’s set was the usual non-stop party as he got the crowd jumping while performing hits like “Hey Baby”, “Fun”, “El Taxi”, and “Culo”.

Of course, his show does have some serious moments, like when he expressed how thankful he is to be a first-generation Cuban American with this pro-immagration speech/rap:

At the end of Pitbull’s set last night, and fan jumped onstage, and he was nice enough to give her a hug and let her stay onstage for a moment.

Take a look and more photos and videos from Show #3 of The Bad Man Tour below!

2 thoughts on “The Bad Man Tour: Pitbull Performs in Mountain View, CA

  1. I was the fan!! He is just as amazing as I thought he would be. I will never forget this moment. He was a sweetheart and so kind to let me stay up there with him. I have been a fan for years and years and this was just a dream come true. Dale!

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    • That’s really cool that you were able to jump onstage (I’m surprised you were able to get past security), and it is so amazing of him to let you stay up there. He’s really a sweetheart! I’m glad that after so many years, you were able to finally meet him! Dale!



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