Pitbull Does Interview and Photoshoot with Fuse TV

Pitbull talked about “Climate Change”, SLAM!, working with Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias, and more as he sat down with Fuse TV to do an interview and photoshoot at the Ritz Carlton in Mahattan today.

“To create little monsters that go out there, and apply that to the world; that to me is, I mean, there’s no words to describe it,” said Pitbull about why he started SLAM!.

“I’m JLo’s crazy little brother!” joked Armando about his relationship with the singer.

“He’s one of my best friends in the music business,” Pitbull shared about Enrique Iglesias.

“I always tell my kids, ‘It’s chess, not checkers’,” said Armando as he explained why he keeps his six children out of the limelight.

“While watching it, I loved it. Pat Benatar knocked it out of the park. The video was amazing. I related a lot to what was going on in the video, due to certain situations that were happening in my life,” said Pitbull about Pat Benatar’s 1983-hit, “Love is a Battlefield”, which he samples in the title-track of, “Climate Change”.

Other questions that Pit was asked during the interview included, “Favorite city to have a day off in?”, “Favorite social media platform?”, and, “If you weren’t doing music, what other job would you like to have?”.

There is no word yet on when the interview will air or when the photoshoot will be released, so make sure to check back to PitbullUpdates.com for forthcoming news about it.

Take a look at more videos and photos from today below!

2 thoughts on “Pitbull Does Interview and Photoshoot with Fuse TV

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