The Bad Man Tour: Pitbull Sets the Roof on Fire at Chicago’s United Center

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Pitbull brought The Bad Man Tour to Chi-Town last night for an exhilarating 27th show on the tour. He brought the house down as he performed his unforgettable 80-minute set at the United Center.

I was lucky enough to attend Bad Man Tour Chicago last night, and out of all of the Pitbull shows I’ve been to, this one has to have been one of the best. From the set-list, to the stage, to the production; everything was amazing.

As the lights went down at The UC, three jumbo-trons lit up with Pitbull’s life story while Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” hummed through the speakers; showing the audience that Pit came from struggle, but was still able to turn his life into a positive.

The beautifully talented The Most Bad Ones then took the stage to dance to samples of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” and Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”. Shortly after, Pitbull jumped onto the stage and belted out his hit song, “Don’t Stop the Party”. He wore his signature all-black ensemble, looking as sharp as a model who just jumped out of GQ Magazine.

Mr. Worldwide then continued to move from song-to-song, performing 20 hit-singles and dancing along to five samples. The backdrop of the stage showcased the Miami-skyline as Pit thanked Chicago for being so good to him over the past 16 years and how beautifully multicultural the city is. He also spoke about the current US presidential election, and the racism this country is facing, stating, “We all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air at the end of the day”.

Mid-show, Pitbull announced that the concert was Kristin’s last show as a Baddie. She is moving on to other projects after six years with Team Pitbull. The whole crowd shouted her congratulations.

Pitbull ended his set with a speech on how he was able to show the whole world how he took his life from a negative to a positive with his first No. 1 song, “Give Me Everything”. As confetti, sparks, and smoke bolted from the stage, Pitbull signed off with his signature line, “It’s Mr. 305, better said Mr. Worldwide, checking in, checking out. God bless, goodnight. Muchas gracias, dale!”, and with that, he left the stage, leaving the crowd of 20,000 fans amazed.

Check out exclusive photos and video taken by PitbullUpdates below.



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