MTV Gives Fans A Behind the Scenes Look at Pitbull’s “Greenlight” Video

MTV gave fans an exclusive behind the scenes look at Pitbull’s newly released “Greenlight” video on their Snapchat Discover Story today!

“Whether it’s a Greenlight with a beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated, powerful woman; or just to be able to find a way to suceed at what you want to do what you want in life, and in order to get that Greenlight, you gotta work hard for it,” explained Pitbull on why he chose the title of the song.

“To get a chance to shoot in one of my old neighborhoods, in Wynwood, which now… you know, is crazy… it used to be the heroin capital of Miami and now it’s the art capital of the world, almost,” said Pitbull on picking the filming locations for the video.

“I go to Lunchmoney, I say, ‘Hey man… I see you during that Greenlight part, you got this little dance,’ and he says, ‘Chico, you know… I only got three moves dawg!’,” laughed Pitbull about working with Lunchmoney Lewis.

Watch the official music video for, “Greenlight” here.



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