Pitbull Reveals Upcoming Jennifer Lopez Collaboration ‘Sexy Body’ in ‘Beyond Worldwide’ Teaser

Music’s hottest duo is back for their tenth collaboration, and Pitbull is sharing the details of what may be their steamiest one yet!

Pitbull reveals his upcoming song, “Sexy Body,” with longtime friend and frequent collaborator, Jennifer Lopez, in the new Pitbull: Beyond Worldwide teaser. The track will be featured on Pit’s forthcoming album, Climate Change (due Oct. 7).

“What better record for Jennifer than a record called ‘Sexy Body’? We all know that Jennifer—aye, que rica!—has a very sexy body,” jokes Pit about the forthcoming track.

Armando also shares his brother-sister relationship with Lopez. Stating, “I’m like her crazy, little brother—the little wild one! I bring a little bit of the wild side out of her and she kind of tries to tame me. People see that dynamic, and we have fun together!”

And when asked about Jennifer’s personality, Armando says, “[She’s] militant and diligent… she does not play around.”

Pitbull: Beyond Worldwide is a half-hour special airing Tuesday, October 4 at 8/7c on Fuse in anticipation of Pit’s tenth studio-album, Climate Change.

For more information on Pitbull: Beyond Worldwide, click here.

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