Miami Grill Expands Franchise to Fort Wayne, IN


As you probably know, Pitbull is the face of Miami Grill and an equity partner of the franchise. Now, the South Flordia-based chain is expanding to the Midwest region, adding its first Miami Grill restaurant to Fort Wayne, IN.

Miami Grill worked with area developer, Gruvereddy Kumreddy, to open up the fast casual restaurant located at 5858 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809. The newly opened eatery has a drive through at is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

“I think opening up Miami Grill’s first location in Indiana will change the casual dining landscape,” says Gruvereddy Kumreddy, owner of the new Miami Grill in Fort Wayne. “This community is ready for a fast casual option that offers diversity and excitement to their dining experience.”

Miami Grill is the newest concept developed by Miami Subs Capital Partners 1, Inc. and Pitbull.

Kumreddy is a successful local business owner who, as an area developer, has committed to a total of three Miami Grill locations.

The new venue offers guests a diverse menu featuring Philly Cheesesteaks, wings, and wraps, as well as grilled fish, delicious salads and breakfast. Lots of options, excellent customer service, and high quality ingredients are all served with a South Beach vibe.

“We’re excited to expand the spirit and soul of South Beach to the Fort Wayne community,” says Robert Haar, VP of Franchise Development of Miami Grill. “The expansion of Miami Grill is crucial to our overall growth and we look forward to developing the brand in Indiana.”

Take a look at photos of the just-opened diner below!


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