Pitbull to Collaborate with Bollywood Artist, Fazilpuria

Bollywood singer, Fazilpuria, has revealed that he is in talks with Pitbull for a new single, which will have a Haryanvi and Spanish touch.

Fazilpuria, whose real name is Rahul Yadav, also shared that he is close to locking the deal with the Mr. Worldwide, but there are still some issues pertaining to location as well as lyrics that they are working on.

“You will very soon see me with Pitbull… maybe next year. We have already talked it out. We just need to finalize locations. There are some issues with lyrics as they want some other theme and we want some other theme,” Fazilpuria said during a visit to the IANS headquarter on Monday (Sept. 12).

The, “Jimmy Choo,” singer said that he wants Pitbull to come to the North-Indian state of Haryana to shoot the music video for the single, but Pit would rather shoot the video in the U.S., but is willing to travel to Dubai.

As for the song, Fazilpuria said that Pitbull will be rapping in Spanish, and he will rap/sing in Haryanvi.



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