In Fuse‘s upcoming interview special Pitbull: Beyond WorldwidePitbull shares his plans on returning to Cuba and explains that the country is inching closer to independence. He also shares why he has such a passion for educating youth at his SLAM! chart schools.

“When the time is right, what we don’t want to do is what everybody’s doing. They go down there, they make a big splash—but where is the ripple effect? We wanna make sure when we go down there to perform for three million people in Malecón, we make that splash that will help the country,” says Armando in the teaser above.

Below, he discusses the importance of his charter schools SLAM!, located in Miami and Las Vegas, and recalls two teachers who helped opened his eyes to a better life.

Watch much more when Pitbull: Beyond Worldwide premieres Tuesday, October 4, at 8/7c on Fuse.

For more info on the 30-minute interview special, click here.


Pitbull Talks Cuba Concert, SLAM Charter Schools in New ‘Beyond Worldwide’ Teasers


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