In a recent interview from his London trip last month, Pitbull calls himself a “domesticated animal” most of the time, so he loves to get loose a concerts. He also said, “money does buy happiness… you just got to give it away”.

“Oh, I’m loose. The reason I hangout on International Waters is so that any trouble I get into, is not trouble,” laughs Pitbull when asked about what he’s like at a party.

“Onstage, for me it’s therapy. That’s where I let loose because at this point, I’m a domesticated animal. I’m in a cage. You become a prisoner of your own success sometimes so you gotta let loose,” confesses Armando. “When I’m on that stage I’m giving you everything that I got because it is my release time. And let me tell you world, you’re lucky that there’s a stage because if there’s not, we’ll have some serious problems.”

“A friend of mine the other day told me, ‘Money can’t buy happiness,’ and he turned around and he said, ‘Money does buy happiness, you just got to give it away.’ That made all the sense in the world to me because it’s the truth,” explained Perez.

“The one that I’m most proud of, and it’s priceless, and it’s not a business, is building schools,” says Pitbull about his SLAM! Academies. “That to me is just something that I’ve very, very, very, proud of.”


Pitbull calls Himself a ‘Domesticated Animal’ and says ‘Money does buy Happiness’


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