Pitbull’s 36th Birthday Fan Project (DETAILS)


It may seem early, but Pitbull‘s birthday is just three months away! And after the success of last year’s birthday project for Armando, we’re doing another one this year.

Some of you probably remember our birthday video for Armando last year that a lot of fans participated in and it was even posted on Pitbull’s Twitter & Facebook! This year, we want to do a few projects for his birthday,  the first being a birthday video! It’ll be similar to last year’s, except a little different. Check out all the details below:

The Idea: This year’s video will focus on why we love Armando, so what you have to do is submit a video of you saying your birthday message for Armando and make sure to include one reason why you love him. Also, don’t forget to include where you’re from. (Example: “Happy birthday Armando from Chicago, IL! Hope you have a great day and many more! I love you because your music always puts me in a good mood and puts a smile on my face.”) You can also submit a photo of you holding up a sign or paper that says your birthday wish on it or submit fanart that you drew/created.

How you can Participate:

  1. Submit of a video of you saying your birthday message + why you love Armando.
  2. Submit a photo of you holding a sign/paper with your birthday message on it.
  3. Submit a photo of fanart that you drew/created.


  1. All submissions must be in English or Spanish.
  2. If you send in a video/photo/fanart please include your city/country in the email.
  3. You must email your submissions to pitbullupdates.com@gmail.com by January 1, 2017.
  4. Again, there is no guarantee that Armando will see this video, but if we all participate and try our best to have him notice it, maybe (hopefully) he will!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us.

Watch last year’s birthday project video below.


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