Pitbull on Telemundo’s iHeart Fiesta Latina Concert Special


Pitbull was featured on the iHeartFiesta concert special that aired on Telemundo last night. Part of his performance, backstage footage, and an exclusive interview with Enrique Santos appeared in the special.

Mr. Worldwide headlined the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina for the third consecutive year on Saturday, November 5, and Telemundo aired the exclusive concert special last night. The special featured clips from all the ten performers at the show, including Pit’s performances of, “Fireball” and “Give Me Everything“.

Armando also received the first ever Premio Corazón Latino award, which was presented to him by TU 94.9 host, Enrique Santos. Take a look at screencaps from his acceptance below.

The iHeartFiesta concert special also included never-before-seen backstage footage which featured Pitbull. Check out some photos below.

Then, Pitbull sat down with Enrique Santos for an intimate interview where he talked about his goals in life, the difference between Armando and Pitbull, and more. The interview was filmed on November 2nd. Check out photos and read the entire interview exclusively on PBU below.

ES: Armando Christian Perez is Pitbull, and Pitbull is Armando Christian Perez. Is there a difference or are they the same?

PB: Now I’m confused (laughs), I’m bipolar. I believe that being Armando Christian Perez is the same as being Pitbull, except Pitbull is the leader that cuts all the business deals and being Pitbull is my therapy because when I’m onstage I can release all my energy and everything to the public. Everything that I have inside is love, but there are also things that have hurt me a lot in life, and releasing that helps me a lot in this life of fame. Armando is always doing business and Pitbull is always out to fight.

ES: Speaking of your agenda, what is your goal?

PB: My goal is to help people one way or another, also to give them motivating words. If you want to help yourself, one has to learn that money cannot buy happiness, it’s the truth, and for me– what I love is to see is when people realize that. It’s like, boom! Now they understand what I was saying. If you apply it to your life, you’ll see that you are growing, whether it’s about business, relationships, family, or life, when I see that it’s priceless. I also love to see children because their minds are like sponges, they apply what you tell them and when I see what they are doing for themselves, I can’t believe it. When I see that, it’s priceless.

ES: As you imagine the future of the United States with the growing amount of Latinos that currently exists, what do you think?

PB: I’m seeing that the Latinos that are entering the United States are now understanding the opportunity they have. My grandmother, my aunt, my mom and my dad always told me, “Hey, you have the tremendous gift of freedom in this country. You can control your own destiny and do what you want in this country”. Now when the Latinos are seeing their opportunity, they’re like, “Wow!” It’s because they apply humility and they appreciate the opportunity they have in this country.

ES: In 100 years, when someone searches “Pitbull” on the internet or “Armando Christian Perez”, what results would you like to come up?

PB: Hopefully, they’ll see a person who really wanted to inspire, to help, and to lead our race to another level, and someone who left an example of nothing to something. Someone who was always a humble person who liked to make jokes, who liked to dance, and who liked to get a little crazy to escape, but also, a person with a tremendous heart. I hope in 100 years, you’re doing an interview with Pitbull the robot. (Laughs.)

ES: That’s why you deserve this award for your tremendous heart. I love you brother.

Watch the full interview below!


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