The official music video for “On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull has now officially reached ONE BILLION views on YouTube, becoming one of the very few videos to accomplish that milestone.

The 2011 hit has went up to 5x platinum is over 15 countries, charted in the Top 5 on 35 weekly charts, and in the Top 15 on over 20 year-end charts. “On The Floor” was PitLo‘s second collaboration, out of their total of nine.

Take a look at some behind-the-scenes clips from on set of the music video below.

The music video was directed by TAJ Stansberry, who explained the video’s concept as “all about having a good time”. Check out his full quote below:

“[We’re trying to create a vibe] that’s so amazing, it gave them a little buzz — but a good buzz, a real magical buzz, a dance buzz, so she just wants everybody to have a good old time…. The club must have this vibe, where you get on the floor and everybody’s bringing it”, he added. “We’ve seen so many club videos, but we want to see a club video with a vibe unique to Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.”

Watch the music video above, and download the track on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon.

Congrats PitLo!


Congrats to Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull – ‘On The Floor’ has Reached ONE BILLION Views!


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