Pitbull made a guest-appearance on the FOX show, The Real today, where he sat down with the hosts to do an interview. 

Mr. Worldwide joined the ladies of The Real today for a twelve-minute interview where he talked about his upcoming projects, the best Christmas present he received as a child, what it was like working with host, Adrienne Bailon, and so much more.

Watch Pit’s full appearance on The Real exclusively on PBU above!

Take a look at photos from on set below.

WATCH: Pitbull Gets Interviewed on ‘The Real’

2 thoughts on “WATCH: Pitbull Gets Interviewed on ‘The Real’

  1. Well they made him wait till the end to come on.. Most shows let the big stars on 1st. He was adorable. However he has said the same things in every interview written or TV I’ve ever seen. Over and over. I’m a big fan. I watch. Nothing new here at all. . Other than a real pic of his mom and his bootleg teddy bear admission. Ohwell. Ya get what ya get.


  2. Hi my name is Alice Perez Pitbull mentioned something about the Perez nose comma and I was just thinking to myself my mom is from Puerto Rico San Juan my father’s from San Juan Puerto Rico and my father’s a Perez and they said that at least this is what I was told that whoever was serious or Perez was related and I was just wondering you never know check out my Facebook and you will see the Perez nose LOL love your show ladies



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