Steven A. Clark Talks Pitbull Collaboration ‘Can’t Have’

Steven A. Clark, who is featured on Pitbull‘s most-recent song, “Can’t Have“, sat down with Miami New Times to talk about what it was like to work with Mr. Worldwide and about his upcoming performance on Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution.

Can’t Have” began with a remix from Steven A. Clark‘s friend Ape Drums. That was the first time the two were able to work with each other in some official capacity. The Houston producer, well known for his blend of Caribbean dancehall rhythms and Southern trap textures, put a dark, energetic twist on the tune. It went from dance-pop to the sort of cool thing a tropically influenced rapper, such as Mr. 305, might jump on.

Mutual friends of Clark’s and Pitbull’s heard the remix and sent it to Pit. He instantly gravitated to the beat and took the opportunity to write a love letter to his home-town, a celebration of the years spent struggling toward the “greener grass” of fame without realizing that those moments would be some of his best memories.

“He killed it,” says Clark about Pitbull‘s verses on the track. “It sounds a little bit like old Pitbull. He’s really rapping aggressively. It was tight to bring that side of him out again, and I think he was ready to do that.”

The two will be performing, “Can’t Have” on the third annual Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution airing live on FOX December 31 at 11pm/10c!

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