Mr. Worldwide sat down with FOX KXVA Abilene earlier this month to tell fans what they can expect from Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution 2017.

“It’s been two years that we’ve missed the countdown. So that’s what makes it a really special New Year’s Eve and there’s been chaos, but I love it and that just goes to show how real the show is and how much fun we’re having,” said Pitbull. “And it’s not just the people on stage performing — people behind the camera and stages, this is a real party.”

And for his New Year’s resolution, Pit said, “Always trying to improve, always trying to get better, and I think that’s what makes life exciting.”

And if you think Mr. 305 is worried about being punctual with this year’s countdown you may want to keep track yourself! “I want a little bit of Cuban time, even though I’m the most punctual Cuban you’ll ever meet in your life. But I think it’s cool, to be honest with you. So, we learn from it. We haven’t gotten the chance to get the shot of the ball at this point ‘cause there’s so much going on on stage ‘cause people are doing what they are supposed to — celebrate!”

Watch the full interview via MyFoxZone above!

VIDEO: Pitbull Talks New Year’s Revolution with FOX


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