The Most Bad Ones Talk ‘Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution’ with Yahoo! Music


The women behind Pitbull, The Most Bad Ones, did an interview with Yahoo! Music where they revealed what Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution means to them, what it’s like working with their boss, and more. Read the article below!

You see Pitbull, you see them.

They’re The Most Bad Ones, Pit’s six-woman dance troupe who describe themselves as “sexy, sassy and classy” and who not only perform with him wherever he goes but also regularly appear on his music videos. Their name is a tongue-in-cheek word by word translation of the Spanish “Las Mas Malas” (The baddest ones), and they act the part, strutting on and off stage as if they owned it with Armando.

On Saturday night (Dec. 31), Michelle Burgos, Christina Pagan, Adriana Navas, Estefania Ruiz, Shanice Fernandez and Jennifer Valdes will ring in the New Year with fellow Miamian (and boss) Pitbull from their home town as part of his “New Year’s Revolution.”

Along the way, they’ll premier new outfits for their 2017 tour. Here are eight things to know about The Most Bad Ones and their signature, sexy looks.

1. Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution is a big deal for the MBOs: “It’s one of our best shows and the one we really look forward to,” says Burgos, who along with Navas has been with Mr. 305 since 2010. “Every year is different.” This year’s show is bringing back old school with performances by the likes of Austin Mahone and Naughty By Nature. It will allow the MBO to reveal new outfits, including their new catsuit, a black fishnet affair that incorporates a corset. Also premiering: A red lycra leotard worn with red, patent leather booties.

2. And on the subject of catsuits: The Most Bad Ones are known for them, and every year they strive to create a brand new one that breaks the rules. Their “most iconic” outfit was 2015’s black catsuit, with long sleeves and black mesh. In 2016, the black catsuit changed into a nude catsuit with rhinestones for a blinged out look.

3. The “Pretty Woman” touch: If you’ve ever gone to a Pitbull show, you know the MBOs initially take the stage all covered up in suits and jackets to the tune of “Pretty Woman.” As a figurative and literal homage. As the show progresses, “We start revealing more and more,” says Burgos.

4. Their color palette is red, black and some nude: And there’s a reason for that, says Navas. “We try to match Armando and get that Miami vibe. His songs and lyrics are about sexy and powerful women so we avoid those bright colors,” like green or yellow, that aren’t as sexy onstage.

5. They have LOTS of outfits: The group dances about 15 numbers per show to the tune of some 12 outfits that require nine to 10 complete costume changes, many of them with individual accessories like belts, chokers and fringes. A favorite is the “Timber” outfit, says Burgos. “It includes a jean leotard, cowboy boots and a sparkly brown choker.”

6. Sneakers are a big no-no: “We wear five-inch heels for the shows, and try to get them thicker on the heels for more stability,” says Navas. One time, when they were still trying to get used to dancing the entire concert in heels, the group tried to sneak in a sneaker wedge. “We were still taller and still had some height, but Armando didn’t like it at all!” laughs Navas.

7. Staying in shape goes beyond the stage: While their number one workout routine is definitely the show, which requires intense cardio, the moment they have free time they hit the gym. Squats are a must for their signature booties, and recently the group has been in a boot camp mode, working out together and alternating workouts. “One day we’ll do just squats, another we’ll do free weights. We did a whole day of just planks, so everything was core.”

8. The hair: Yep, onstage they all use extensions, for volume. Hair is kept down and big, or on a high ponytail.



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