Pitbull’s Camila Cabello Collaboration was Meant for Britney Spears

Mr. Worldwide‘s forthcoming collaboration with Camila Cabello and J Balvin, “Hey Ma” is the lead song from the upcoming movie, The Fate of the Furious. But, the song was originally a collaboration with Britney Spears and Romeo Santos!

During a recent interview with Radio.comPitbull revealed that the track’s original version with Britney and Romeo is completed and could be released in the future.

“Funny story behind that,” Pit told Radio.com. “At first, it was me and Romeo Santos, Britney Spears was on the record. [The] Fast and Furious [team] ends up loving the record. And they brought on board J Balvin and Camila Cabello. So, it’s been an interesting journey. To watch it go on to become the intro to the movie — the first huge movie franchise to shoot in Cuba — is an amazing honor.

“But, you never know, there might be a remix with Romeo and Britney in the future. But it was an honor to be able to work with Britney,” Armando continued.

He also notes that Spears was cool about hearing the news that her version wasn’t going to be used in the film. “She was a great sport, she’s been in the business for years. She said, ‘Don’t even worry about that. We’ll use it for the remix, or we’ll do another record together.’”

According to Billboard, “Hey Ma” will release next Friday, March 10 as the second single off “The Fate of the Furious: The Album”. The movie will hit theaters worldwide April 14.

One thought on “Pitbull’s Camila Cabello Collaboration was Meant for Britney Spears

  1. Unrelated to this update just wanted to say I was watching the video of the song Piensas and they cut the scene where bull sticks his toung out …. Why? It’s obvious he’s sending a message in between the lines… Mmmm!!



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