Pitbull After Dark Party – The Pitbull Cruise — Day 3

Today was the last full day left on the Pitbull Cruise, but that didn’t stop the fun! Mr. Worldwide performed a concert and did a fan Q&A. The day also included another performance by Austin Mahone as well as another TMBO Dance Boot Camp.

The day started with The Most Bad Ones‘ Dance Boot Camp! Today, fans were able to learn the concert choreography to Pit‘s hit, “Echa Pa’lla“.

Then, Mr. 305 took the stage to perform his second concert on the cruise at around 2:00pm. Due to weather concerns for the evening, he performed early. Dressed in an all-white ensemble, Pit performed for over 90-minutes!



Next up was “From the 305 to Around the World: A Motivational Conversation with Pitbull About Turning Negatives into Positives“, which was a interactive Q&A where fans had the chance to personally ask him questions!

Then, Austin Mahone took the stage to perform his second concert on the cruise as well!

Later that night, Pitbull appeared at the VIP Voli Lounge all dressed up for the Black Tie Masquerade theme night! He spoke for a few minutes and then mingled with the crowd.

The night then continued with DJ sets from DJ LazBig Syphe, and many more!

Also, take a look at the meet and greet photos from the cruise, below.


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