Buy, Stream Pitbull’s New Album ‘Climate Change’ NOW!

Mr. Worldwide is back (although, he never really left) with his long awaited tenth studio-album, “Climate Change,” which is now available for purchase and download, as well as streaming on all major services!

You can download a digital copy of the album on iTunes, Google PlayAmazon, and ShopPitbull. You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and NapsterPurchase a physical copy of, “Climate Change,” at all major retail stores such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, f.y.e, etc., and on Amazon & ShopPitbull.

Fans were also able to ‘pre-order’ a free digital copy of, “Climate Change,” through every online ticket purchase to the Bad Man Tour last summer. Emails with download links should be sent out today to the fans who purchased tickets through at that time.

We first got a taste of the album when Pitbull released the first single, Freedom,” over a year ago. He then proceeded to release five more singles off the album including, “Bad Man,” which he premiered at the GRAMMYs in February 2016, and the most recent, “Options,” which is continuing to gain popularity.

Now that everyone has a chance to listen to, “Climate Change,” comment below or tweet us at @Pitbull_Updates and tell us your favorite track on the album!

3 thoughts on “Buy, Stream Pitbull’s New Album ‘Climate Change’ NOW!

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