Pitbull Talks New Album, Relationship Status & More with Ryan Seacrest

Pitbull called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to celebrate the release of his brand new album, “Climate Change“! He told Seacrest that even though he’s been in the game for 17-years, he has no intentions of slowing down. The two also discussed if Pit has any plans on getting married.

“I’m just up there doing what I love, and being able to be up there with guys that I travel with — the band: the agents, the dancers: The Most Bad Ones. I mean, you guys have seen the women that I’m on stage with. They’re very beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, and powerful. So believe me, I’m having a great time when I’m up there,” says Pitbull on why he enjoys performing so much.

When asked if he has plans to ever get married, Mr. Worldwide said he’s already in a committed relationship. “As far as being married, I’m married to life, I’m married to the game, and I have very, very special people in my life that I keep under the radar, especially with social media and everything that’s going on out there. But I definitely have special people that I’ve created amazing bonds and partnerships with, and I think that’s what it’s all about.”

He added: “I don’t need a piece of paper or priest to tell me who I’m married to or not.”

Head over to On Air with Ryan‘s official website to hear the full interview!


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