In a recent interview with FOX News Baltimore, Pitbull expressed that he wants to open a SLAM! Academy in Baltimore.

Armando says his charter academy is exactly what the city of Baltimore and its struggling education system needs.

“We were around everything, dope, guns, junkies. A pen changed my life,” Armando said during a recent speech to students at SLAM!. “That’s why it was so important that I got a pen to you guys, because I’m hoping it can change yours.”

Pit, who is the co-founder and spokesman for SLAM!, says the charter academies are changing lives.

“They say the sky’s the limit. No, that’s not the truth, because there are footprints on the moon. I’d be on the moon right now,” said Perez when asked how a SLAM Academy would’ve changed his life growing up.

“When you grab a young mind, you teach it to believe in itself. And I can tell you right now, the public school system didn’t do that for me. Being that teachers changed my life, I had to get involved in education one way or another,” said Pitbull.

“I think Baltimore is one of those cities that needs SLAM the most,” says Armando. “Baltimore, there’d be nothing better than or truly my pleasure to come to B’More and open up a SLAM and talk to all the kids down there. “Guys it’s not going to be an easy ride, but I guarantee if you believe in yourself, and you really take advantage of this opportunity with education as a whole, they’ll be the next ones on the moon.”

Watch part one and two of the interview above!

(Source: FOXBaltimore)

WATCH: Pitbull Wants to Open a SLAM! Academy in Baltimore 

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