NEW MUSIC: “Light Up The Dark” by Lotus & Rene Rodrigezz feat. Pitbull

The new single, “Light Up The Dark” by Lotus & Rene Rodrigezz feat. Pitbull is now available for purchase and streaming!

The track is not available for purchase in the United States yet, but it is available for streaming on Spotify and Tidal.

Internationally, “Light Up The Dark” is available for both purchase and streaming on all major platforms. Download it on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Stream it on Spotify, TidalApple Music, Deezer, and BeatPort.

Pitbull‘s verse in the song is a recycled verse from the 2012 hit, “Just A Little“.

Rodrigezz called the new single, “A real milestone in my career,” in a recent interview with Kronen Newspaper. He also revealed that the summer track was made specifically for the radio. “This will be a big thing.”


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