New Album “Greatest Hits” by Pitbull – NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER

Pitbull will be releasing a new compilation album called, “Greatest Hits” on December 1st, and it is now available for pre-order via all major outlets! And when you pre-order it as a digital album, you get the new single “Jungle” along with your purchase!

The thirteen-track album will feature two new songs “Jungle” and “Locas“, as well as previous smash-hits such as, “Timber“, “Fireball“, “Rain Over Me” and more! Check out the full track-list below!

  1. Give Me Everything (ft. Ne-Yo, Nayer, & Afrojack)
  2. Timber (ft. Kesha)
  3. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
  4. Don’t Stop The Party (ft. TJR)
  5. Hotel Room Service
  6. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) [ft. T-Pain]
  7. Rain Over Me (ft. Marc Anthony)
  8. Time of Our Lives (Pitbull & Ne-Yo)
  9. International Love (ft. Chris Brown)
  10. Feel This Moment (ft. Christina Aguilera)
  11. Fireball (ft. John Ryan)
  12. Jungle (Pitbull & Stereotypes ft. E-40 & Abraham Mateo)
  13. Locas (ft. Lil Jon)

Pre-order your digital copy of “Greatest Hits” by Pitbull now on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, and pre-order your physical copy on Amazon.


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