Pitbull Visits Power96 Studios in Miami to Talk New Single ‘Roof On Fire’

Mr. 305 made a homecoming to Power96 Studios in Miami this morning to talk about his brand-new single, Roof On Fire.

Pitbull sat down with the hosts of the Power Morning Show, Lucy Lopez and DJ Zog for a surprise on-air interview.

During the interview, Pit talked about his latest single, Roof On Fire, and why he decided not to release it on purchase and streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. just yet. He explained that he wanted to try something different by only giving the record to Power96 to play exclusively on their station.

The release of Roof On Fire is reminiscent of the release of his now-infamous track, Culo. Back in 2003, Lucy Lopez was the very first person to get her hands on the track and Power96 was the very first station to play it.

To hear the brand-new track, Roof On Fire, make sure to tune into Power96 and keep requesting it!

Text: 96148

Call: (305) 550-9696

Listen: Power96.com

Take a look at more photos and videos from Mr. Worldwide’s visit below!


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