Marlins Park to Give out Pitbull Bobbleheads on 305 Day

Marlins Park will be giving out bobbleheads of Pitbull on Sunday, June 29th, which marks 305 Day at the Miami stadium!

“It’s an honor to have the first official Pitbull bobblehead be released on 305 Day with the Miami Marlins,” said Mr. Worldwide. “The Marlins have been great partners, not only in support of the Pitbull brand but its contributions to the neighboring SLAM! (Sports, Leadership, Arts, Management) Academy and its students, 3054lyfe.”

The official bobblehead features a special audio function. Check out some of the audio clips below!

The Pitbull bobblehead is presented by Del Toro and will only be available at Marlins Park while supplies last, so fans will need to arrive at the stadium early in order to get their hands on the limited-time collectible.


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