WATCH: Pitbull on OBJECTified with Harvey Levin (Full Episode)

Pitbull’s exclusive interview with host and founder of TMZ, Harvey Levin, aired on the Fox News Channel show OBJECTified tonight.

During the one-hour special, the 37-year-old rapper touched on a variety of personal topics and told his life story through special objects he’s kept close with him throughout the years.

Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Perez, showcased several objects including a notebook that was given to him by someone special, which he has written his albums, “Globalization” and “Climate Change” on.

He also showed Levin a photo of his late friend Eddie, which he always carries with him in his wallet. An emotional Perez revealed how much Eddie meant to him and how large of an impact he made on his life.

Additionally, Armando displayed a pink pen with the words “I Love You” written on it, which was given to him by one of his daughters. He disclosed the significance of the pen and why he keeps his kids and the people closest to him under the radar.

Pitbull also showcased other objects including a speaker that he’s been using for over 12 years, the key he received to his hometown of Miami in 2009, and his three passports.

The interview took place at the SLAM! Charter Academy in Little Havana, Miami, which Pitbull helped found. Perez expressed how much the school means to him and stated that the academy is the one thing he’s most proud of in his career.

Watch the full episode below!


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