Pitbull Speaks at University of Florida

Mr. 305 travelled to the 352 last night for a motivational conversation at the University of Florida’s Curtis M. Philips Center for Performing Arts!

Thousands of fans waited in line for hours yesterday evening just to get a good seat to see Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez. During the on-stage interview, Perez told stories about his life before the fame, what his life is like currently, and why education is so important to him. The Cuban-American rapper also revealed some personal details and fun facts during the rapid fire and student-asked questions.

Check out the rapid fire questions and answers below!

  • What is your favorite Cuban food? Fricasé de pollo.
  • What is your second favorite dog breed? Havanese.
  • What is your second favorite area code? 786.
  • One last word to leave these fine students? Dale!

Additionally, take a look at some more quoted excerpts from the speech below!

Check out photos and videos from the event below!



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