WATCH: ‘UglyDolls’ Official Trailer Featuring Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson & More

The first official trailer for the upcoming UglyDolls animated motion picture has now released!

The trailer’s world premiere launched Thursday via an unprecedented live cross-platform event on the film’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Pitbull’s character, Ugly Dog, is Moxy (Kelly Clarkson)’s closest friend and companion. He’s always got his eye on the ball, and he also has a smart collar with every gadget you can imagine. With Ugly Dog by your side, there’s no other loyal sidekick you’d need!

The animated adventure is about acceptance, diversity, joy, and friendship. It shows us that the words ugly, pretty, perfect, and imperfect are just words and it’s up to you what you make of those words. And most of all, it’s about being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Take a look at the official movie poster and Ugly Dog character poster below!

UglyDolls will be hitting theaters in the United States this May, 2019 and in the United Kingdom this August, 2019.


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